Thursday 12 July 2007

Spice Girls Documentary

The BBC have announced that a new documentary of the Spice Girls has been commissioned. The 90-minute show is reported to have the full involement of all the girls.

It's also rumoured that the Spice Girls may record this year's Children in Need single.

Reports suggest they may record 2 brand new songs with one of them being released as a single.


Anonymous said...

i am soo excited that the spice girls are together again!!!ive wait for 9 years...since they broke stoaked im going to do all i can to go see know ya'll should record a new album, it would be sweet to see what it would sound like with all of this new m usic going around, alot has changed since the 90's...BRING IT!!

Anonymous said...


I was a big fan of u 5.
ma fav was baby spice!!!

i HOPE one day u come to western canada to sing!

well .... Good luck with the tour!!
( victoria u are so lucky to be married to a awesome soccer player)

Anonymous said...

i really like the spice girls but im wondering why the girls set up a reunion tour and are not coming to canada i mean they have alot of fans out here.

Anonymous said...

Victoria id loved you since one lol ure crazy ... u really are! omg my hair is flat can i get another one LOLOLOL i feel the pain of that ..

Anonymous said...

Though im only twelve I love the Spice Girls. They are one of my favorite bands.I hope to be able to go to their concert on tour.

Adriano said...

i wanna see the spice girls in Brasil, Belo Horizonte.

i love girls...

i love victoria too much!!!

Anonymous said...

love u loads spice. am ral happy that u are back

Anonymous said...



i hope you guys come to Edmonton, Alberta!!!

it would be soo awesome

and dotn worry Scary Spice we love you!!!!

We love all of yah guys!!!

peace out
Spice love!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey love you guys since i was little.
But please come to
WE love you guys!!!
please come.

Anonymous said...

My best friend and I were huge fans in high school, and would totally be at a reunion concert if you were to come to MN.