Thursday 19 July 2007

Victoria Beckham - Coming to America

A fly-on-the-wall documentary about Victoria Beckham entitled "Coming to America" has aired on ITV in the UK and also on US television.

The show features Victoria's plans to move to Los Angeles and includes scenes of her searching for a new house, meeting her new neighbours and shopping for a watch for husband David Beckham who has just started playing for football club LA Galaxy.

The ITV showing included a disclaimer at the beginning of the show to make viewers aware that some sequences were created for "dramatic effect" and also said that Victoria's assistant in the programme was played by an actress.

A similar one-hour show focussing on David Beckham is due to air next week.


Anonymous said...

so victoria beckham is moving to LA, then she'll be going on tour with the spice girls. but whats going to happen to all their husbands? (divorces maybe? or what? seriously the long distance relationships wont work at all). plus victoria your hair color looks a bit weird i liked the other hair color u had which was black u looked hotter

Anonymous said...

hi, can you girls come to chicago?? i would absolutely love it! i would definetly be their, its sad that on your tour, you'll only be in america for 2 concerts! : ( i really wanted to see you girls! im such a fan! so can you think about making a stop in chicago, illinois or madison, wisconsin? PLEASE!

Anonymous said...

Hey we would like you to come to virgina! please please please please!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so fed up on this moving to america. it's not a big deal! so this site shouldn't tell about her.. its all about the spicwe girls.

Anonymous said...

Well, hurra ;-S

It must be Victorias new boops that does it!

A fan of spice girls music

Anonymous said...

Victoria is such a great singer-i hope that she sings more in the concerts than she used to, she is the best of them all as she intrigues and stands out. You only need to listen to her albums to realise that she has a talent. The spicies are great and i am gonna be there nomatter what...xxxxpaulanthonyxxxx